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  • Information must be complete, accurate, verifiable, and legible.
  • An applicant screening fee for each per person, 18 years old or older, who will live in the unit shall be paid with the submission of the application. The application will not be processed without the non refundable fee. The fee may be paid in money order, cashier's check, or cash. No personal checks.
                - The fee is not refundable if the application is screened.
  • Two pieces of identification, one with a photo, must be provided.
  • The agent obtains credit reports to verify financial information for the last two years.
  • The agent obtains reports on civil and criminal records to verify information. Arrests and/or convictions will be evaluated and any individual whose occupancy could constitute a direct threat to the health or safety of other individuals or could result in physical damage to the premises will be denied.
  • Total income must be two (2) times the amount of the rent and three (3) times if you have high debt. It shall be the applicant's obligation to provide:
                -If self-employed, copies of your last tax return or bank statements to verify income.
                -If employed, copies of your last two pay stubs, if needed by agent.
                -If other income is included, copies of assistance checks, retirement reports, etc. which prove source, amount, frequency, and duration of income.
  • Rental or home ownership history for current and past addresses. If you have moved frequently, a five-year history of addresses is requested.
  • Demeanor and behavior of applicants and those with the applicants during the application process will be considered. The landlord will require meeting all those who will occupy the unit, including pets.
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